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Where Is Escape?

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The Great Escape

So much going on
I need to escape
I crawl into bed
Pulling covers over my head.


I lay there silently
not moving at all
but nothing stops
too much is going on.


This warm dark cocoon
is not inviting at all
instead of peace and silence
it’s full of invading thoughts.


A million thoughts
competing in a race,
for my attention
jumping from place to place.


The escape that I wanted
has escaped from me
a multitude of thoughts
hounding, not letting me be.


As I drift in and out
my dreams become dark
the worst of me surfaces
my confidence, my purpose
as I awake with a start.


I try to escape into silence
and restful slumber
instead I’m plagued,
with thoughts louder
than thunder.


Fears, hopes
uncertainty and dreams
all clamoring and tugging,
my heart and soul want to scream.


I am tired of searching
I just want to be
I am tired of learning and changing
I want to be free.


I want my mind to be silent
alive in this moment
I want to feel and experience
love with heaven’s scent.


Go away thoughts
just let me be.
Let me breathe in this moment,
let my gratefulness and joy become me.

“Where is Escape?” ©  Susie@NewDayNewLesson


© Hryck. | Flickr Creative Commons

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4 Responses to "Where Is Escape?"

  1. Debbie says:

    Wow – beautifully written. So sorry you had such a rough day. When my thoughts won’t leave me alone- believe it or not – I escape by watching something mindless on T.V.

    1. Susie says:

      Thanks. Tv? The thing I want to get rid of? :-)

  2. LOVE this!! What a beautiful poem, Susie. And I can completely relate with your sentiments. I’ve definitely had plently of days like these. Thank you for sharing your poetry with us!! You are a beautiful writer.

  3. Dara says:

    I think we’ve all felt that way Susie! Can totally relate. Especially the competing thoughts. You’ve got some really good extended metaphors in here: like the thoughts, you’re description of them competing in a race, jumping from place to place reminded me of the way children run – without purpose, just testing their legs.