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To Truly Give, You Need To Know How To Receive

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I think that most (if not all of us) of us like to help. We feel good about ourselves and about life after we have helped someone in even a small way.

If it’s true that helping someone out makes people feel good, why do so many of us have a problem asking for or receiving help?

It is not just about receiving actual help, it can even be something as simple as receiving a compliment. I don’t know about men, but most women I know have a compliment accepting defect. “This old thing? Pah, I have had it for ages.” “Lost weight? Nah, I gained weight.” And on and on.

The trouble is that in order to truly be able to give, you need to know how to receive as well. (A lesson that was a hard one for me to learn.) People prefer to get help from someone they know will allow them to reciprocate. Someone, who they know is sincere because they know that the person knows how to receive as well as to give.

I am not saying that someone will never accept help from someone who won’t allow them to reciprocate, I am saying that the givers of the help are those that miss out.

Giving is a two way street. In order to give you need to know how to get.
You need to know how it feels to be on the receiving end. It is what helps you be a more sensitive giver.

How did you guys all do with this week’s Kindness Club Week 26 prompt of letting someone help you?

Go on and write a post about your experiences.
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One Response to "To Truly Give, You Need To Know How To Receive"

  1. Beth says:

    Great question. I’m much better at accepting compliments now. Even if I question it inside my head, I have learned just to smile and say ‘Thank you’. Asking for help is quite a different matter. I love helping other people but often hesitate to ask for help myself.