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The Kindness Club: Week 6 Prompt

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It’s week 6 of the Kindness Club.
Thank you to all of you who have been reading and joining in even if you are not posting or commenting.

Last week’s Kindness Club prompt was to visit an elderly person who needs the company. Like I wrote on Sunday a short visit is better than no visit. Any time you can give to visit a lonely elderly person is appreciated by them.

So please do continue to make it a habit of taking at least 10 or 15 minutes a week and visiting someone elderly who need the company. Even a phone call is better than no contact.

Yield to Pedestrians

This week’s prompt is to be a courteous driver and/or pedestrian.

Here are some ideas of courteous behavior. Please feel free to add others.

For drivers:

  • Let a car merge into your lane. You do know it really makes almost no difference in time to let a car merge into your lane.
  • Remember to signal before changing lanes and to signal enough time in advance.
  • Give pedestrians the right of way. (You can even practice your week 2 Kindness Club prompt and smile at them as they walk by.)
  • Don’t speed through changing lights. (Or any lights.) You know what, don’t speed at all.

For pedestrians:

  • Signal your appreciation to drivers who have stopped for you. (Yes, they need to stop, but you can still be appreciative. And like drivers, you can practice your week 2 prompt of smiling.)
  • When walking on sidewalk with others leave room for people to pass you.
  • When talking to a number of people on a sidewalk,  leave room for people to pass you.
  • If you have a stroller, try not to block others from passing.

So go on everyone and be courteous drivers and pedestrians. Make each day nicer for someone else by being kind to them and being courteous.

Write a blog post about your experiences and come back on Sunday to link up your posts. (I will leave the McLinky up from Sunday till Sunday.)

If anyone who is not a blogger wants to join in please feel free to email me at and I will put your story up on my blog.

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11 Responses to "The Kindness Club: Week 6 Prompt"

  1. Jen says:

    If everyone practiced this then the world would be a much nicer place. Our poor Lollipop Lady might not be target practice then for impatient people! Consider it done:) Jen.

    1. Susie says:

      It really is the little things each of us can change that changes the world.

  2. Billy Coffey says:

    These are such great ideas! Gonna try both today.

    1. Susie says:

      Thanks so much for joining in Billy.

  3. hari says:

    What about cyclists, how about some codes for them too.

    For example: try not pretend you are a Japanese kamikazee pilot when you get on a bike. Wear lights at night. Signal and look, before moving into the middle of the road. Remember you are still mortal, even on a bike.

    For my part, I will adhere to the considerate driver code.
    Nice post.


  4. Beth says:

    I haven’t been reading your blog for long but wanted to say it’s lovely to read! :D

    I would love to include myself in the Kindness Club. :D


  5. Adrenalynn says:

    I love this idea! I’ll definitely be making these little changes, it’s so simple yet effective.

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  7. I just found your blog and love the spirit of what you are doing. I would very much like to take part in your Kindness Club and think it’s a wonderful idea.

    1. Susie says:

      Thanks so much. Glad you found it. The more people the merrier. Every person and every little change changes the world. Thanks!

  8. ella says:

    What a lovely idea this is! I will endeavour to take part each week.