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Remember That Your Life Is Interesting (Or At Least Can Sound Like It To Others)

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We often to tend to think that our lives are boring or nothing special. It’s only when we actually dig deeper and start to list things we have done or seen that we realize that maybe we are not all that dull, or that maybe we at least sound interesting to others.

I had actually pondered over whether or not my life was interesting enough a little while back as a guest poster over at Notes from Lapland. When Mari from Mari’s World tagged me with this Kreativ Blogger award, I thought it was a perfect way to see if I can make myself sound a bit interesting.

So here goes. You are about to learn 7 things about me that you may not know.

1. I was in the cockpit of a jumbo jet while it was in the air. Not so cool considering how I got there.

Steward’s announcement: “If there is a doctor on board please let the steward know.”

Me: Already in a panic about flying, patiently watched to see if anyone approached the steward. When no one came to the rescue, I approached the steward and told him that I was a nurse, and maybe I can help.

The steward then took me to the front of the plane. I am thinking to myself, okay…someone in business class is having a heart attack. Nope…he takes me up the stairs. I say to myself. Okay… someone in first class is having a heart attack. But nope. He takes me to the cockpit and tells me the pilot is not feeling so good.

At this point you should all know I am a major chicken. My brain knows that planes fly by radar, but honestly it was way too much for me to actually see with my own eyes that the pilots can see nothing (I mean absolutely nothing) out of their window when it is cloudy.

In the Airplane
(Photo courtesy of Ruthanne Reid)

Back to the pilot. Seems he was only feeling a bit fluish. I went back to my seat and got my handy dandy first aid pouch, took his temperature and gave him something to lower his fever (which he did have). Sadly it was only after he had swallowed the pills that he even bothered to make sure that what I gave him wasn’t poison or would not make him drousy.

Needless to say I went back to my seat, strapped myself and my kids in and held onto the sides of the seat for the remainder of the cross Atlantic flight.

2. I had chicken pox twice. Yes I have real talent. I had the pox at age 7 months and despite being exposed to my sisters when they had it when I was in my early teens, I waited till the age of nineteen, 3 weeks after my wedding to come down with it. I actually caught it at my wedding. My nephew the culprit who gave them to me is getting married himself this summer. Hmmm, wonder what gift I am going to give him.

3. Once upon a time, in the days when I was fit and in shape, I taught spinning.
Day 28
(Photo courtesy of Matt Montagne)
Yup you know, that really challenging exercise on a stationery bike. That used to be me in front of a class laughing at everyone struggling along. How the mighty have fallen. I can’t seem to get up a flight of steps these days without huffing.

4. In 40 years I have lived in 8 different houses and 3 different dorms. Five out of those houses were in the ten year period between the ages 20 to 30. One of those houses was on a kibbutz. Actually, I do think that I will listen to Heather from Notes from Lapland and write about kibbutz living. What I consider normal, others may actually find interesting.

5. In elementary school I made it to the state finals for the Jewish International Bible Championships. That was back in the days when my grades were good and I actually absorbed information instead of forgetting where my keys are and my kids’ names.

6. I collect salt and pepper shakers. I have over 200 sets. For those who travel or whose husbands travel quite a bit, this is a convenient collection to have. Salt and pepper shakers are easy to find everywhere. It is a pretty cool collection. I am though going to need to move soon in order to have more room to house the ever growing collection.

7. I have ADD.
Attention - disorder
(Photo courtesy of Sean McMahon)
I was diagnosed as an adult but was told that if I had been diagnosed as a child I probably would have has ADHD. Duh! It is not everyone’s 7th grade teacher who takes a kid’s school desk out of the classroom, puts it outside the door and leaves the door open so that they can hear and not disturb.

Yup, that was me, the one sitting outside and still finding ways to interrupt the class. As an adult years later, I did happen to take a yoga class with the same teacher and she was lovely. So I probably am sure I was quite a handful. Heck, I still am.

So what do you think? Am I interesting enough?


I now tag the following bloggers with the Kreativ Blogger award and the 7 things we may not know about you meme.

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And anyone else would like this award and tag, consider yourselves awarded and tagged!

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16 Responses to "Remember That Your Life Is Interesting (Or At Least Can Sound Like It To Others)"

  1. Devorah says:

    so out of the 7 things, I didn’t know 2! How pathetic is that? Did you ever tell me about #1? I don’t think I would have forgotten that. And #5 – no recollection at all.
    I wonder what else I don’t know about my own sister!

  2. Jen says:

    YES, you are interesting :D I love these type of posts because they allow us to have a peep into each others lives and see the bits we wouldn’t always see online. It rounds a person out, makes it more personal. Like you though I would often think my life wasn’t interesting enough for something like this, so I understand that aspect. I really enjoyed reading this. Oh, btw, my eldest child had chicken pox at 6 months old and I was told he may get it again. Having it at that age, apparently, doesn’t always give immunity! Jen.

  3. Debbie says:

    I think you should thank your nephew for helping to make your life so interesting :-)


    The nephew’s mother

    1. uh huh…I already told his wife to be that I would be worried about their wedding gift and what I am going to get them. :-)

  4. Dymphna says:

    Very interesting! LOL at ‘the nephew’s mothers’ reply! Thanks for the award and meme. I’ll have to think long and hard to come up with 7 interesting things about myself!! LOL! D :-)

    1. Susie says:

      LOL. It did take me a while!

  5. JFB says:

    You’re a new friend so it was all very interesting!!I wonder why we always think other people have interesting lives. When probed, we find we just have lives that are there for us to live!

    1. Susie says:

      Human nature I guess?

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  7. Dara says:

    I was going to ask if you ever lived on a kibbutz! Then I second-guessed myself and thought “well that’s a bit forward and doesn’t it sort of play into stereotypes. Besides she surely would have mentioned it by now if she had.”
    Turns out I was wrong. That only happens a couple of times a year, so mark your calendar!
    I would have thought you’d be more freaked out by the thought of the pilot being sick than by the view out the cockpit window! I remember back in the day when they invited kids into the cockpit – I once sat on the pilot’s lap and held the controls and everything!

    1. LOL-seeeee I can fit into a stereotype. :-)

  8. Mud says:

    I’ll see what I can do!

  9. Thank you Suzie for your nomination for Kreativ Blogger (crikey, which planet did the designer live on and did he go to skool on Pluto?).

    I shall be delighted to pick up the tab but have a fair bit on at the moment and I have to search my cerebral hemispheres for the relevant data concerning how many heads I have and whether my heart is upside down. But I did have two appendixes (or appenices – I too went to skoool on Pluto it seems LOL).

    I’ll post something as soon as I can and once again thank you kind lady for thinking of me.

    Belated Easter Greetings but punctual Best Wishes LOL – Eddie

    1. Hope you are feeling better. Let me know when you get to your list.

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  11. It was many years ago-like 17! As far as #5 maybe you were still in diapers? LOL