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Simpler Times:March 24th 2010

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A picture taken about 16 years ago. The little blondie in the picture is 19 1/2 now.

Back then they were my only two kids. We lived in a small house on a kibbutz with a great view from our backyard.

Life was simple, or at least simpler.


3 Responses to "Simpler Times:March 24th 2010"

  1. Devorah says:

    Wow. They are about the same age in the picture as my kids are now. It’s freaking me out a little…

  2. Annette says:


    I’ve just stopped by from Blogging Memes at BMB – sorry I’m a little late!!

    This is a lovely photo that just illustrates an innocent, carefree childhood. Thanks for sharing!



    PS I’ll try to call back tomorrow for this week’s WW post! I’m uploading some photos for mine… ;)

  3. Times really does fly!

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