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It’s Okay To Feel Like A Doofus Once In A While

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Well, I guess it’s befitting this title that I was even spelling dufus wrong until I went searching for an online definition of the word and found out that it’s spelled doofus.

Found no doofus pictures so a dunce will have to do.

For those who may not be familiar with the word, a doofus is a slow witted person, a dimwit, a stupid incompetent person or a person lacking intelligence or common sense. Now normally, I am not quite this hard on myself. Actually, I am not being hard on myself at all right now, I am just laughing at the fact that  I must have sounded really stupid I could have used that phone line for the past two months had I paid a bit more attention.

I called the telephone company because a jack on our second phone line wasn’t working. It was a line we haven’t used in a while because the phone connected to it had broken. A few months back we had replaced the phone with a *gasp* regular plug in type (not cordless) phone. It didn’t work.

It worked in another outlet, so I knew the phone was okay. I have been busy and haven’t had the time or patience to deal with the phone company. On Friday, I was tackling some procrastination stuff so I decided to call them. I called them and of course the first thing they ask is to try plugging the phone in again. I did while talking to him. I picked up the new phone and all of sudden I hear myself in echo.

Uhh, duuuhhh, the phone was working. I feigned surprise (instead of recognition that indeed I had been a doofus) and said “oh great it works now. The phone call to you was magic.” I wished him a good weekend and hung up. I was not about to explain to him where I had made the mistake, because I would then end up on some list tech people make of the stooopppiiid things their clients say.

So where had I gone wrong? I guess I had tried plugging it into the old internet ADSL line.

See that empty jack? That's where I had tried to plug the phone into. Ignore the hole in the wall, long and different dumb story.

*Sigh* I am glad I have more bright days than doofus days.

So what doofusy things have you guys done? Go on, make me feel better.

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4 Responses to "It’s Okay To Feel Like A Doofus Once In A While"

  1. Kerry says:

    My classic is this, our bathroom door squeeks on the hinges and it is right next door to Baba’s bedroom and I told Mr L that he needed to put UB40 on it! Yes I know complete and utter spanner, that is now what I am known as!

    Although my father in law told us he was going to build us a 4 inch fence out on our front garden, that is still one that is mentioned. xx

  2. Devorah says:

    How about the time at the park when I asked my friends in panic “where’s Gidi” and he was sitting on my lap? That happened twice.
    And then there’s my dear husband who just last night decided to cut open a box on our bed – slashing right through the sheets and blanket. He chose the bed because he didn’t want to scratch the dresser.

  3. Manzanita says:

    For one thing I would have spelled it dufus too. Thanks for the right spelling. I went to costco this morning and I always use their American Express but in place of putting it back in my purse, I’m always in a hurry and put it in my coat pocket. then when I don’t wear that particular coat, no credit card. I did the same doofus thing this morning. I just took the dog out and found my credit card in my coat pocket again. Doofus!!

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