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Even If You’re A Pacifist, Remember You Owe Your Right To Be One To Those Who Served In Your Country’s Military

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A while back writer Billy Coffey wrote a really good article called Honoring the Price of Freedom .

What really stuck with me after reading Billy’s article was the fact that people are free to dislike the soldiers and the military of their country because of the fact that those same soldiers fought to guarantee them their freedom. To guarantee the way of life the country’s citizens are accustomed to living. The freedom of speech that pacifists have to protest wars is a result of the military guaranteeing the people the freedom to their rights.

I yearn for peace. For a world where my sons would not have to serve in the military or be put in harm’s way. Yet at the same time I feel pride that my son is doing his part to guarantee the safety of his country. I sleep soundly because he is out there protecting us.

My son considers being a soldier his duty. I am glad to hear that because it’s not like he has a choice seeing as we have mandatory draft here. I make it a point to thank him for doing his service even though he mostly shrugs my thanks off. I want him and all the other soldiers who keep my country safe to know they are appreciated.

Of course I am also thankful to the American soldiers as well because I was bought up in the United States. A democratic country which I am grateful to had the opportunity to be raised in.

So how did you guys all do with this week’s Kindness Club Week 13 prompt of thanking someone serving in the military in a country you care for?

Go on and write a post about your experiences.

Or you can capture the prompt as a photograph.

(Don’t forget to use the URL from your post not your site.) The link will be open for a week. (Sunday-Sunday)

Make sure to come back on Tuesday for this week’s Kindness Club Prompt.

Can’t wait to hear your stories and see your pictures.


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2 Responses to "Even If You’re A Pacifist, Remember You Owe Your Right To Be One To Those Who Served In Your Country’s Military"

  1. I totally missed this prompt. But I agree that they sadly go thankless a lot of the time. It’s horrific what so many men and women of the military have to face day after day that we turn a blind eye to and pretend don’t exist.

  2. Keith says:

    Hello Susie,

    I stand with you on this all the way. No matter what one’s political views are, if they live in a country where they are free to have their own views, they have the soldier to thank.

    I have several family members serving in the military here in the USA as well as many friends. I thank them all regularly.

    Great post, thank you for writing it.