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Don’t Leave Things For The Last Minute

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I used to be the queen of planning ahead. There was no last minute with me. It was all thought ahead and done.

That was then.

Now is a whole other story. Life has happened and blessed me with five kids and less concentration. I’m lucky I get some things done at all. I can probably blame blogging on some of that, but blogging is also my way of expressing myself and working things out so we will excuse it. (Right hun?)

Anyways, I have digressed.

My point is that leaving things for the last minute is probably not the best way to go. I was reminded of that last Friday when at about noon I still had a gazillion things to do (between cooking and other stuff) and company coming for the Sabbath. My little one had some kind of stomach virus the day before and lucky me at about 11ish I started feeling queasy.

By twelve I was too sick to even contemplate finishing the cooking. My husband is a great help, but his cooking proficiency extends to eggs and maybe noodles. The poor guy not only had to do some of the cooking, he had to do it under my critical eye. Sorry hun. I know you didn’t want me to say anything but I do have to mention that I still think you should have let me take a picture of you. That was a great ad for a real man. Cooking and typing on his blackberry at the same time.

So I was lying in bed sick to my stomach. I was also being tortured by my 13 year old who thought it was great fun to try and tickle my feet while I was trying not to puke.

All I kept saying to myself was that I should have been done with all of this yesterday. I should have learned my lesson from previous Fridays when emergencies have come up on Friday afternoon and that meant me leaving stuff not done.

Maybe this week I will have learned my lesson and be done in advance. (I hope so because I am working today.)

Are you a planner or do you leave things for the last minute?

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5 Responses to "Don’t Leave Things For The Last Minute"

  1. jfb57 says:

    I understand your thinking but sometimes being so planned doesn’t leave room for those unexpected happenings! Hope you’re feeling better now!

  2. Dymphna says:

    Poor you! Hope you feel better now! :-)

  3. Dymphna says:

    p.s. Love your sad face photo!!

  4. Ok, good woman, I am planning on studying in October and I am going to bookmark this post and read it regularly :D With small children it could easily happen that the studying comes last, when usually I am quite organised. So, if you think you have an Irish stalker, don’t worry, it is just me :D Jen

  5. For me it all depends how motivated I am by what I’m doing! Hope you’re feeling better now.