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You Get To Choose Your Wisdom

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Our world is chock full of wisdom.


Our world is also chock full of problems and suffering. All of which is fertile ground for wisdom sharing aka advice giving.


I think it’s lovely that we want to help others avoid our hard learned mistakes or to explain to them how to live their lives better than we’re living our own. The problem is that each and every person is a unique individual with their own perspective on life and their own particular challenges.


So what works for one person, may very often not be right for someone else. Or something we say may have a profound impact on someone’s lives.


So go on, share your hard earned wisdom. Share the mantras you wish you could live your life according to.


And then let go. Don’t push. Don’t insist.


Because everyone gets to choose their own wisdom.


There was a meme going around Facebook asking people to give their best advice in 4 words or less. I found the serious and the silly advice that people chose to share fascinating and it was the catalyst for this poem I wrote. (Click on the picture to read the words clearer.)


Choose Your Wisdom poem

So what one piece of advice would you give those you love the most?
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