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Change Brings Resistance

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"Birth" Day


One small word. One heck of a big step to take.


First Birthday


Change yanks you moves you out of your comfort zone. It makes you uncomfortable. That’s true even when it’s positive change, change you for the better. For me, the word change brings forth an association with struggle. A struggle to cope, a struggle to adjust, a struggle to learn something new.


First Day At Nursery at Age 2


Why do we have such an issue with change? Why do we have difficulty dealing with and coping with change?


2nd Birthday

Change means doing something differently. For many of us, the word change is synonymous with “new” and “unknown”. Change means letting go and embracing something new.


3rd Birthday


Making changes is a lot harder than letting inertia do it’s thing.  Very few people are comfortable with something new when it is an unknown.  The unknown brings with it unease. Is it any wonder that when there is change, resistance rears its head?


4th Birthday


The resistance to change can be self-imposed. It can also be resistance and pressure from others for you to avoid change. Sometimes the resistance is outright while other times it is more hidden, in a passive aggressive type way.


Resistance means there is no change. Things stay the way they are.


Change means working through your resistance, through your fears and conquering the unknown. Change means doing things differently. Change means giving in to things you can’t control, like passing time.


5th Birthday


Change means letting go and allowing yourself to be imperfect and unsure.  Change means giving in to the forces of nature at times and accepting that your first baby is a grown man and your little baby is growing up too fast.


My first and my fifth. 16 years apart and crazy about each other.


Happy birthday my little one. Five years have gone by too fast. How you have changed and grown, yet you are as precious as the day you were born.


Do you struggle with change? What helps you work through your resistance to change? And how the heck do you cope with your kids growing up a lot faster than you want to age?



This blog post was written for writing workshop run by Josie at Sleep is for the Weak. I chose the second prompt “Courage”.

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8 Responses to "Change Brings Resistance"

  1. The Moiderer says:

    Wow look at her getting all grown up! Lovely series of photo’s and I totally love that last one.
    Change happens. If you don’t learn to accept that early in life then you spend your life trying to push water uphill

  2. Kerry says:

    What gorgeous pictures and happy birthday little one. I love that last photo there are 14 years between my sister and I and we are the best of friends now I speak to her everyday xx

  3. Mama Syder says:

    Happy Birthday to your little five year old…the same age as my Granddaughter…yikes! That is how fast the years have flown for me and sometimes I just wish I could slam my foot on the brake.

    There are seventeen years between me and my youngest Brother and we have always been very close x

  4. Molly says:

    I love watching the change in mine as they grow and develop. I have never wanted to keep them babies, there development and exploration of the world around them thrills me.

    Lovely pictures.


  5. My girl is 5 in September, she starts school in September too, such change! I need to be so brave and she runs at the challenges full pelt!

    Where did the time go?

  6. Happy Birthday to your beautiful girl.

    Coping with change is something we have to learn to do in life – it’s sink or swim because we can’t keep anything the same for long. Approaching change with courage and openness is about the best we can do, isn’t it :-)

  7. Mónica says:

    Lovely!! Happy birthday for you both, it’s also your day, as you should know by now…:)

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