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Black & White Is Really A Hue Of Choices

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black and white rose

“I have no choice.” He said to me.


“You always have a choice. Sometimes you need to choose between two sucky choices but you have a choice.” I answered, trying to keep my frustration in check at the disheartened and fatalistic life attitude.


Even though at times it may look it, the world is not black and white. Every minute of every day we have the free will to make a hue of choices. Sometimes we don’t like our options, sometimes we have too many amazing options and sometimes we make the choice passively, by not making a choice. (Which is as much of a choice as an active choice.)


We get to decide. We get to control our choices and our reaction to our choices. Our choices color our lives with depressing tones, or paint them in vivid creative possibilities.


And even when something is black and white it can be beautiful, it all depends upon how you choose to view it.


Do you think of the world as a place of black and white choices?


This post was inspired by last week’s 52 Frames prompt of Black & White. So go on and like Fifty-Two Frames on Facebook if you want to be inspired by cool photographs every week.


This picture was my submission this past week. (I am so literal sometimes.) Go on, click on the picture and like it on Facebook.

Black & White Cow

And here were my rejects. Enjoy. (If the pictures are not clear enough, click on them-they get clearer.)

baby cow

Kamin repair guy


old piano in field

reflection in a puddle

stormy cloud

black adn white tree

birds in a tree

black and white tiled floor


couple with guitar

worker from Ivory Coast

urban nature tel aviv

the clicktator

And of course I was lucky to have this great shot taken of me during a Tel Aviv photowalk by Yosef Adest, the founder of Fifty-Two Frames. Only fair since I snapped the picture above of him.

Susie with camera

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2 Responses to "Black & White Is Really A Hue Of Choices"

  1. lihi lapid says:

    It’s so true!
    “You always have a choice. Sometimes you need to choose between two sucky choices but you have a choice.”

    There r so many grays…

  2. I sometimes do. There can be times where it is a yes or a no straight away.