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Being Ready Is Just An Illusion

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I think it’s quite apropos that I wrote this post a few weeks ago and today when I came back to it, everything but the title and one small paragraph was irrelevant.


Because being ready is really just an illusion.


We spend so much time preparing, planning and worrying about what ifs. We consistently waste loads of time and energy trying to be over-ready and prepared for all kinds of things, from the mundane to the more serious.


I’m not advocating burying your head in the sand and not preparing or planning at all. It’s more about letting go of the worrying and the trying to prepare for every eventuality. Mostly it’s about releasing the false belief that by being prepared you can control things.


I don’t think you can ever really be ready. You can think you’re ready for something but in truth you won’t know until you actually experience it. I don’t know that I can ever be ready for my country heading rapidly towards war, especially when I have two sons in their army. I can only pray and have faith that all will be okay.


Being ready is an illusion so why the heck do we waste so much time trying to prepare for everything instead of living each moment the best we can?


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One Response to "Being Ready Is Just An Illusion"

  1. Who knows because you are right when emergencies happen we just get on and deal with them. A very timely post Susie as so many are being called.