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Be Open To Changes

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dirt path

This morning as I opened my eyes and rolled over to watch my husband sleep (he did tell me to stop being creepy when I told him about it later) I had a funny feeling, one that has been eluding me for quite a while.


It felt surprisingly like tranquility.


And as I lay there, oddly content, realizations in the form of words just came into my head and started writing themselves. When I finished writing, I chose to share it with a few people in different circles to see whether the poem resonated with anyone else besides myself, and it did.


I was going to post the poem here, but then surprisingly enough, entirely by chance, there was no post scheduled today on World Moms Blog where I have been a contributing author for almost two years. When I was offered the World Moms platform for my poem,  I decided to embrace change and post it there.


So here is a teaser, just the first two paragraphs:

There comes a moment
a moment in your life
when you stop to ponder
the truths in your living and life.


That moment that is bought on
by something big or something small
by love or by hate
or just a feeling that there is more.


If you want to read the rest of it (go on, you know you want to read it) click here to get to World Moms Blog.


So, are you open to changes around you and inside of you?


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